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It’s LEGO Heaven at St. Louis West County Mall

Where do you find the BEST LEGO toys around? The LEGO Store of course! I took the boys to our local store on open day years ago, and it’s still just as magical. lego shop family According to the St. Louis Business Journal, the store is 2,500-square-feet of LEGO goodness. There’s a “Living Room,” or interactive play area, as well as a “Pick-A-Brick Wall,” where customers can hand pick LEGO bricks and elements in bulk. The store will carry the full range of LEGO products, and it will have more than 4 million LEGO bricks in the store at all times. I’m not kidding you when I say the store is a delightful place to shop. The staff area always extremely friendly and encouraged the kids to do whatever fun promotion they’re doing that week. The store also has displays of LEGO creations set cleverly at child eye level. Each display shows what you can do with a random collection of LEGOs or a themed set. It’s something to see.

lego shop west county mall

Build your own Mini Fig

My favorite spot is the build your own minifig kiosk. Well, the guys like it too! The figures are sold in a set of three for $10 and each gets an accessory (sword, ax, coffee cup). Here you can find at least eight different heads, a variety of hair or hats and a assortment of bodies. The selection changes from time to time. The first time we went, we made a mommy in a dress (perhaps a princess bride?), a medieval fireman and a super hero with cape. Our only problem is that Mitch wants to buy ALL THE ACCESSORIES.

lego shop build your own mini figs

The Pick-A-Brick Wall is pretty cool, but isn’t as complete as I would like ti to be. It’s a collection of standard bricks with a some odd components like windows, doors, flowers, ladders, knobs, gems and fences thrown in. You purchase by the cup and cram in as many as you can fit. The cups were $8 for the small and $15 for the large. I’m guessing the small cup is about the size of a 2 cup measure, so you get a fair number of bricks for the price. And of course the store was full of LEGO box sets of every sort. The store has monthly events like free mini builds and LEGO club meetings. Check out the West County LEGO store website to see what’s going on this month! Related posts: