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Play-Well LEGOs for St. Louis Kid Engineers

play well LEGO St. Louis

There’s a new LEGO game in town, and it’s Play-Well. Which my kiddo Mitch immediately picked up on as the Danish origin for the name LEGO, Leg Godt.

lego towers play well

Play-Well teaches kids STEM skills through the fun of building with LEGO. They’ve just starting to branch out to St. Louis with winter break camps and birthday parties. This summer they host summer camps too! Mitch and I got to check out a winter break camp at the Missouri History Museum for free and it was a blast! During the 3 hour camp Mitch learned how to build towers and created a battle bot.

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LEGO Playwell St. Louis

Play-Well is not a franchise, so all it’s instructors are hired–and trained–by the Play-Well. The camp Mitch attended was run by an excellent teacher who kept the kids under control and EXCITED about building for the full 3 hours. She even got them to clean up and sort the LEGO at the end of the session–I wonder if she could help Mitch find that urge to clean his own collection?

They brought TONS of LEGO to the camp. Ok, maybe not literally a ton, but it was 20,000 pieces. That’s a lot!

The camp was fun, but they also learned useful building techniques and all about real life engineers. Speaking of which, the camp curriculum was designed by an engineer!

Lego Playwell St. Louis

And Play-Well might be new in St. Louis, but they’e been around since 1997. That means some of Play-Well’s teachers were students!

Want to learn more about Play-Well classes, birthday parties and camps? Then check out their website!