New Year’s Eve in St. Louis…for kids!

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Looking for something fun to do with the kids on New Year’s Eve 2018? Believe it or not, St. Louis has a few options for families wanting to ring in the New Year, sans booze and rowdy college kids.New Years Gatsby Toast
We’re pretty sad that First Night is no longer a thing in St. Louis, but let’s face it…a non-booze art festival in the middle of winter around here is hit or miss. It was a fun concept, except for all the ice, snow and general freeze-your-booty off temperatures we suffered through the nights we did made it to Grand Center.

I’ve still manged to find a bunch of family friendly New Year’s Eve events for you! Some are free, others will require an years eve in st. louis for kids

NOON Year’s Eve with the Kids

If you don’t want to stay up late with your kids, you can celebrate a “Noon Year’s Eve” and the stroke of noon on Dec. 31. If your kids are little enough, they’re not even going to notice.

There’s a Noontime New Year’s Eve at The Magic House and another at the Missouri History Museum. Both will have crafts and a kid dance party. The History Museum event is free and the Magic House event is included with admission.

Early New Year’s Family Parties

There’s a family party at Eureka’s The Timbers rec center from 5-8 pm; $2 for members, $3 for residents, $4 for non-residents.

Dave & Busters (with WIL 92.3) Family New Year’s Bash from 5 to 8 pm; $37 each, RSVP for tickets. Includes appetizer buffet, $25 game card, balloon artist, and DJ.


Fireworks St. Louis

Fireworks Before Bedtime

If you want to party long enough to greet 2019 with a fireworks show, then you’re in luck! I’ve found at two spots where you can watch fireworks with the kids then tuck them in bed long before Pitbull drops the Big Orange in Miami.

Westport Plaza is launching fireworks at 6pm, then hosting revelers to free horse & carriage rides. Downtown St. Louis at Kiener Plaza will have fireworks at 8pm as part of the Winterfest Ice Rink Party.

kids party

Don’t Forget the Confetti

Two of my favorite sources for kid crafts have confetti poppers that you can make right now…or while you’re waiting for midnight. Actually, you can fill them with anything light weight if you don’t want to vacuum confetti off your couch. I’ve made the Red Ted popper and they work great with marshmallows! We’ll be making the Kiwi crate popper soon and post the results on Instagram.

Kiwi Craft Confetti Launcher 

kiwi confetti launcher

Red Ted Art Paper Cup Party Popper

Make a Count Down Clock

A few years ago Mitch made a huge cardboard countdown clock for our New Year’s Eve celebration. We took pictures on the hour…for some reason his clock only had an hour hand?? Eh, he was 7.  It’s a super cute idea for any kid that likes to watch the clock!

New Year's Eve in St. Louis

You can also make a clock from paper plates and jazz it up with glitter. Buggy and Buddy has a couple cute variations you can check out here.

Netflix Video Countdown

Netflix has once again come through with 14 special countdown timers for cartoon loving kids…that parents can fire up WHENEVER they want the kids to go to bed. You can use if for a Noon Year Eve, or if your little ones can’t tell time, do a countdown at 9pm. Or 8:37. Whatever. It’s there when you’re ready.

For the last five years, an average of 5 million families have tuned into the Netflix New Year’s Eve countdowns! You can find the 2019 countdowns beginning on December 26, by searching “countdowns” on Netflix.


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