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Attack of the Googly Eyes!.


It all started last Halloween, when I put out my collection of faux pumpkins. Every year I decorate the orange foam pumpkins, usually by taping black paper Jack-o-Lantern faces to them. When November rolls around, I just remove the bits of paper and leave the pumpkins out for Thanksgiving.

Last year I was inspired to use googly eyes on the collection. I found some gigantic googly eyes, rolled up bits of tape and stuck them in place. Combined with jagged construction paper smiles, my make shift Jack-o-Lanterns looked pretty cute.

Then the eyes started to fall off. I’d find a disturbing collection of grinning blind pumpkins waiting for me in the living room whenever I walked by.


Update: Yes, I’m still gluing googly eyes to toys. Mitch has moved up to putting eyes on Lego animals he has built.

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