cottonelle wipes

Bums the Word (a clean bum, that is)

If it’s good enough for your baby, shouldn’t it be good enough for you? This article is sponsored by Cottonelle (but the opinions are all mine). Cottonelle asked Cherry Healey to travel around America and talk about a rather sensitive subject. What might that be? Our “bums” as the Brits would say. Apparently this isn’t the first time Cherry has…

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18 Places to Visit with Kids in St. Louis

St. Louis is a great place for kids on summer vacation! If you’re local or just coming in for the weekend, there’s so much fun here you might want to make a “summer bucket list” of everything you want to do! Summer is short! Oh yeah, you heard me right. Summer vacation may LOOK like a long stretch of endless days…

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mother of all meltdown

A Book For Not So Perfect Moms and a Mother’s Day Giveaway

It’s a virtual book tour! Today I’m talking with a local author from The Mother of all Meltdown’s anthology: Angela Keck. We’ll talk a little about the book, a wonderful web community the Meltdown moms have created and a super fantastic giveaway for you to enter just in time for Mother’s Day! First, a little about the book. The Mother of…

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train museum tickets

Giveaway: Tickets to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis County

Now that the weather is finally warming up, I’m giving away some free tickets to the Museum of Transportation and mini train ride! The train museum (as we like to call it around here) is located between Kirkwood and Valley Park and is buckets of fun for any kid into trains. The package is worth $48. Four tickets are for…

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transportation museum

Gateway to Fun: Transportation Museum in St. Louis County

What will you find at the Transportation Museum? Trains, planes and automobiles…that your kid can PLAY with! The museum is dominated by it’s outdoor train collection, but there’s also cars, two planes and a tug boat you can hop aboard. Seriously. The Transportation Museum is one my boys FAVORITE places to go. We’ve been members for years–if you have a…

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Fantastic Felt Flower Garland and more Tips and Tricks!

Last week we were talking about fabric crafts for our Tips and Tricks theme…here’s my favorite!! Isn’t it cute? It’s a felt garland that Jennifer Dawn whipped up on her sewing machine. It’s so spring! Check out her blog to get the details. (Then come right back, because we’re talking Easter next.) This week’s Tips and Tricks link up theme…

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spring frame tissue paper decoupage

Spring Time Frame: An Easy Craft for the Kids

Welcome spring with a fun, colorful and super easy DIY frame that the kids can make with just a few cheap supplies. I got the idea for this project after a frame that Mitch made for me in pre-school was “broken” on “accident.” Seriously, I have no idea how my coffee spilled on a frame that’s been sitting proudly on…

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indie mats

Made in St. Louis: Indie Mats (an easier way to frame)

Traditional framing is a pain, and pretty expensive unless you do it yourself with discount store frames. And let’s not even get into the whole hammer and nail thing. Ug! Indie Mats are here to make hanging photos a breeze. Indie Mats are a super simple idea–ditch the heavy frame and surround your photos with fun designer mats. Then stick…

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Fabric Crafts Link Up

This week’s Tips and Tricks link up theme is all about Fabric! Do you have a fun fabric centered craft to share with our 13 blogs? If not, to check out today’s linky for inspiration! I know I’ll be scanning the linky later for ideas! If you like to plan ahead for this linky–which I post every Tuesday–next week’s theme…

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grants farm parking pass

New Paddle Boats at Grant’s Farm and a Giveaway for You

Grant’s Farm will open for it’s 60th season on April 12! They’ve got some new stuff to show you, but I’ve got something better for one lucky reader: Free Parking! That’s right, I’m giving away one shiny Grant’s Farm Parking Pass for the 2014 season. Yep, a whole season of free parking, good from April to October! That’s a $40…

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Gateway to Fun: Grant’s Farm

This year marks the 60th year Grant’s Farm has been open to the public! They’ve added some new attractions: paddle boats and parakeet feeding! New to St. Louis? Haven’t been to the farm lately? Here’s Grant’s Farm in a nutshell: the Farm is the estate of the Busch family (you know, the beer people) and they moved out here back in horse…

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Road Trip! KC LEGOLAND and an Aquarium

St. Louis is a great town for kids, but one thing we sadly lack is a LEGOLAND of our very own. And a big honkin’ Aquarium…we kinda need one of those, too. But Kansas City has both! Since KC is only four hours away, it seems like a pretty good spot for a weekend family roadtrip. We’re planning one now!…

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