Free Admission and Parking: St. Louis Science Center

Free Admission and Parking: St. Louis Science Center

Think a visit to the St. Louis Science Center is going to cost a bundle? It doesn’t have to!

St. Louis Science Center

  • Admission to the Science Center is FREE.
  • Parking at the Forest Park  entrance is FREE.
  • Main gallery exhibits are FREE
  • Science demonstrations are FREE
  • SLSC Mobile App is FREE to help plan your visit with maps and information on exhibits

Yes, there are tickets to buy if you want to see a movie in the OmniMax Theater or visit whatever special traveling exhibit is currently on display. There’s also a charge for the Planetarium star show and the Discovery Room for little kids. Other costs you could run into (or try to avoid) is the Build-a-Bear store, the gift shop full of science toys and the café.

But there are plenty of free activities to keep a family busy if you don’t want to purchase anything at all.

Tip: Pack a picnic lunch and avoid the overpriced food served at the Science Center. You’re in Forest Park after all! If the weather is nice, take a break outside and have lunch in the park.

So why is the Science Center free? The St. Louis Science Center is part of the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District, which is supported by a property tax of about 28 cents per $100 assessed valuation (as of 2011) from St. Louis City and County residents. So if you live in the city or county and have a home valued at $100,000 (if my math is correct) you’ve already paid $280 to support the Science Center, the Zoo, the Art Museum, the Missouri History Museum and the Botanical Garden. So feel free to enjoy a free visit!


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