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3 Music Sheet Ornaments (with Printable)

Here’s an easy way put a little fa la la la in your Christmas tree: music sheet ornaments!


ornaments02 copy

These ornaments are based on the fall folded paper leaves that Mitch helped out with earlier this year. Instead of magazine pages, or colored sheets of paper, we used faux music sheets.

Why faux? Well, I didn’t have any music sheets sitting around the house that I wanted to fold up and glitter. And, sure, you could print out music sheets from the internet, but I didn’t want accidentally grab something copyrighted and share it with you.

Besides, by cutting and pasting a few bars of Carol of the Bells (which is public domain) I created patterned paper that LOOKS nice when folded up or cut into strips. After all, you’re not going to play these ornaments when you’re done with them!

You can use whatever you want, or download my pdf. To get 2-sided paper, just run it through your printer twice. I centered it for you, so it should look nice if you need strips of notes.

Here’s the file:

music notes

To make the basic ornament just cut the paper into five strips. Cut the stripes into three lengths: one very short for the middle, two a little short for the inside curve and two the longest for the outside curve.

Line the strips up with the shortest in the middle and staple at both ends. Easy-peasy.

Punch a hole in the top for hanging.

(Note: this is going to make a pretty big ornament, but its a good size for little hands. Play around with it to get a size you want.)

ornaments07 copy


To make the plain circle ornament fan fold the paper on the longest edge.


Cut the paper in half after folding, then fold each half in half. Open up the paper and glue the sheets together to make one long paper.




Fold back up and STAPLE the center to hold it all together.



Form a circle and glue (or tape/staple) the edges together.


Punch a hold in one fold for the hanger.



To make the FANCY ornament, just snip triangles holes into the fan folds, like a paper snowflake. Do this before you start gluing it together to get the holes in the same spots. AND you might have to open up the paper and re-cut a few spots– we had too, it’s pretty darn thick!


We tried two methods to get glitter on the ornaments. The easiest actually worked best–we painted glue onto the edges of the finished ornament and sprinkled with glitter.


What was the hard way? I coated a sheet of folded then UNFOLDED paper with Mod Podge and glittered. It had better coverage, but where you really want the glitter is the top of the folds. And it was kinda gooey to work with, because you know I couldn’t wait for it to dry all the way.


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