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Gratuitous Post on Why My Boy is Awesome.

i love you book

Normally I use this blog to share places to go and things to do with your kids. But right now I just want to share something really cute my six-year-old did for me. I’m gushing with ewwy-gooey love over this one.

He made me a little pink book.

The kid is always crafting something and I like to support his art habit. Which might be why my rec room looks like an art bomb when off. I let him use my card table (next to the big computer) as an art station in the hope that he does something constructive when I’m writing. He has slowly taken over most of my (non-pointy) scrapbooking supplies, all the tape and a good chunk of the computer paper.

A couple days ago I used a Post-It Note to mark a form. His eyes lit up at the thought of pre-sticky paper and he asked for the pad. I don’t use them often, so I gave him the tiny pad of pink sticky notes.

And I got this back:

i love you1

i love you2

i love you3

i love you4

i love you5

i love you6

i love you7