Make an Easy Magical Journal for your Spells and Fantastic Beasts

Make a Harry Potter magical journal  whether you’re excited about Halloween or just want to track some Fantastic Beasts you’ve found. You’ll love to craft these easy to craft Magic Spell Books with your young wizarding students! They’re book covers that you can place over a journal, a novel or any small book. (That square Potions book is actually a collection of Instagram Snapes snaps from Chatbooks.)Harry Potter Magic Spell Book Journal

I admit, I have a soft spot for journals, and have somehow ended up with quite a collection. Sometimes I pick them up for a photo prop and sometimes I actually write notes in them. A few are sitting around the house completely blank because I don’t want to spoil their beautiful pages. (That’s not too weird is it?)

You COULD glue or tape the covers onto the journals if you don’t mind damaging them–or if you’re wanting a permanent makeover for your journal collection. But we’re going to use a slip cover technique I learned from my mom, a retired teacher who knows how to make a textbook last for yeeeaaarrrs.Harry Potter Fan's: Make an Easy Magical Journal for Halloween...or just because

You can make a Harry Potter book cover from just about any large piece of paper. The original text book covers were made from paper grocery bags–which can be distressed and colored to look like leather. I found some black gift bags over at Target’s party aisle that we’re using today. This does limit the size of book you can cover, but it saves you the extra step of painting or coloring in the paper. Plus most journals will fit!

Note: hardbound books work best for this project, but feel free to experiment!

First open up the gift bag and remove the handles–but save them for later! You might want to use them for decorating your spell book later. This is a good time to add extra folds and crinkles to your paper to add an aged look to the finished book.

Flatten out the bag and place your book on top. Use a pencil to mark the top and bottom of the book. Remove the book and fold on these top and bottom lines. (You can trim the bag if you feel like there’s too much paper.)

Put the book back on the center of the folded paper. The ends of the paper cover will form pockets for the journal’s cover. Insert the book cover into the pockets, then crease all the folds. You can use tape to hold the cover on if you feel its needed.

Now for the fun part! Decorate the covered journal to resemble your favorite spell or potion book. 

Harry Potter Fan's: Make an Easy Magical Journal for Halloween...or just because

We used hot glitter glue to “draw” the books new magical title on to the cover and glued the gift bag handles on to add dimension to the cover. We also got a little crazy painting Elmer’s glitter glue all over some of the covers. 


There’s no wrong way to decorate your new spell book! And the best thing? If you make a mistake, it’s just paper.

Harry Potter Fan's: Make an Easy Magical Journal for Halloween...or just because

Turn old boring journals into spooky fun Wizard Textbooks! Great for Harry Potter fans or Halloween decor.