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Make an Ocean of Easy Paper Fish (for Kids)

My kid has been begging for an aquarium for his room–but real fish tanks are a lot of work! Here’s a fin-tasktic collection of DIY paper fish your kids can make for an entire ocean of decorations! Tape them to the walls, hang them from the ceiling, or stick them in a cardboard box to make a cool faux aquarium that never needs fish food or water changes!

Easy Paper Shark

This paper shark is a breeze to make, and includes directions on making him a construction paper & tissue paper habitat.

paper shark craft with googly eyes and tissue paper ocean background

Egg Carton Shark

Here’s a cute 3D shark made from painted egg cartons.

shark made from egg cartons

Black Glue Shark & Sea Horse

These cuties are made with black glue and water color–they can be stuck to you wall as is or used as bookmarks.

black glue and water paint shark

Stain Glass Sharks

Here’s another take on faux stain glass–click to get a free printable so it super easy for your kids to complete.

shark stain glass coloring sheet

Cupcake Octopus

This adorable octopus is made from a festive cupcake liner.

octopus made from paper strips and purple cupcake liner

Here Fishy Fishy!

Let’s get to the fish! We found a whole school of really clever fish your kids can make to decorate their room, your fridge or a cardboard box aquarium!

Rainbow Fish

Here’s a classic–the Rainbow Fish! Click the image to see their short cut for awesome scales that any kid can make.

rainbow fish made with scrapbook paper

Paper Fish with Sequins

I love these 3D fish–so simple and yet they’ll look so cool. Plus, what kid can resist a craft that lets you use a stapler?

3D fish made with folded paper and sequins

Button Fish

This craft is perfect for little ones–simple shapes and buttons are all you need.

fish art made with buttons

Paper Plate Fish

The timeless paper plate fish–with a twist!

paper plate fish made with paint and 3D Scales

Paper Roll Fish

Recycle a few paper rolls into super cool fish with paint and foam.

fish made with painted cardboard tubes

Egg Carton Goldfish

How cute is that! Simple to make, but very realistic!

goldfish made with egg cartons and tissue paper

Other Aquatic Friends to Craft

Starfish Water Color

This colorful starfish is made with black glue and water colors.

starfish made with water color and black glue

Starfish Texture Art

You’ll have to click the link to find the secret to this texture art! (You’ll love it!)

starfish made with crayons and texture dots

Paper Roll Sea Horse Puppets

You’ll never guess these were just cardboard tubes!

cardboard seahorses in pink and purple

Paper Weaving Sea Horse

I really love the paper weaving in this one! Also shows how to make the background so it’s a complete work of art.

paper seahorse made with weaving paper

Jelly Fish

This has to be the cutest jelly fish I’ve seen on the internet. Plus, it’s so simple that kids of any age can craft them.

paper jelly fish, flat. One has mustache.

Jelly Fish Streamers

Ok, not exactly a paper craft, but these were made by PRESCHOOLERS! So cute you’ll want to hang them in your kid’s room.

Water color Jelly Fish craft for preschoolers--a plastic bowl with paper tentacles