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Out of the Box Gifts for Older Kids and Tweens

Looking for gift ideas that are out of the ordinary? Here’s a bunch of things that Mitch and I have reviewed that are super cool and don’t involve any cartoon characters!

hands wrapping small gifts in red paper, brown paper wrapped gifts around it.

Most everything here can be picked up on Amazon, but a couple things are local too. We have tween favorites, like where to get a new iPhone without breaking the bank and the best charger to keep it powered up while you play Minecraft Earth. Everyone will love tracking their summer vacations on this really cool map we found, and kids who love to build will love to dive into these customization car kits and Star Wars models we found.

So go ahead and take a look! You might just find the PERFECT gift.

Gift Ideas for Your Kids that are Out of the Box

Need help finding some cool gifts for your kids? Here's some ideas!