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DIY Memory Game Cards for kids (free printable)

sample of emoji cards for memory card game

Memory matching card games are super simple to play and an easy game to hone your little one’s memory skills. You can even make your own set with some clip art or even a set of stickers.

All you need is cardstock and these free printables!

Below you’ll find several memory card sets I’ve made for you. Just print them, cut them out and you’re ready to play!

How to Play a Memory Matching Game

Lay the cards face down on a table.

The first player flips over two cards. If he or she made a match, they keep the cards. If they didn’t, flip the cards back over…but don’t move them! Now the next player flips over two cards…and so on.

The winner is the person with the most cards. 

Cute Bugs Memory Game

Click here for a printable PDF of these adorable bugs memory cards.

Cute color bugs for a memory matching game.

Adorable Sea Creatures Memory Game

Download your adorable sea creature as a PDF here.

colorful sea creature memory card

Cute Dragons Memory Game

These dragons are so cute, but can you match them?? Click here for a PDF file to download and print.

colorful dragon memory cards

Scary Monster Memory Game

Try matching these super silly monsters! Download the PDF here.

black and white silly monsters on cards for a memory matching game.

Emoji Memory Game

Here’s eight emojis — can you match them all? Click here to get the printable emoji pdf file.

memory game card example: shows white cards with cute monsters

You can make the game harder by using more than one set at a time.

How to Make your Own Memory Game

You can make your own game with construction paper, stickers and stamps.

  1. Cut the construction paper into equal sized cards.
  2. Place two matching stickers (or use a stamper) on two cards. Remember, you’ll need identical pairs for your kid to match up.
  3. Repeat until you run out of stickers!