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Stay at Home St. Louis Scavenger Hunt

Are the kids super bored at your house too? Here’s a fun, totally indoors, totally St. Louis scavenger hunt you and your kids can do!

To play, give everyone a copy of the Stay At Home St. Louis Scavenger Hunt –print it out with the PDF below or just put it on your phone.

There are 10 items on the list you must find. Get creative — maybe you can find the item in a toy box, printed on a shirt or hidden inside the refrigerator!

Parents: Decide if you want the kids to gather their 10 items in a bag, or just snap a photo of them with a phone/ipad/actual camera.

Reward the winner with a special treat! I’m thinking some (take out) Ted Drewes would fit the bill perfectly!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • The Gateway Arch
  • A cardinal
  • The Stanley Cup
  • A Souvenir from Grant’s Farm
  • Something you could find at the Butterfly House
  • Something you could find in the Old Courthouse
  • Something you could find in the Mississippi River
  • Something Lewis & Clark would find useful
  • A book about St. Louis
  • A St. Louis treat

You can print the list here as a pdf in full color

or as a black and white list

a list of things to find on a St. Louis Scavenger Hunt

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