World Bird Sanctuary: This Place Is For The Birds

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World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park is a non-profit organization that promotes the conservation of wild birds of prey. Ok, that sounds a bit dull. Tell your kids you’re taking them to the Bird Zoo. Much better.World Bird eagles

The sanctuary is tucked next to Lone Elk Park, another cool spot for the kids. Even if you haven’t been to the sanctuary you may have seen their birds–they care for the eagles and other birds of prey at Grant’s Farm and do bird shows for kids at their school.

World Bird Sanctuary is open to the public and free of charge–but donations are encouraged. This is a non-profit, after all. They’re home to many kinds of hunting birds like eagles, owls, hawks and vultures. Ok, they have a couple cute chickens too, but I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s cool to let your kids feed the chicken’s corn. Not so cool to let your baby feed dead mice to the hawks.

Bring a good pair of walking shoes to the sanctuary, you’ll do some walking to see everything!

Many of the birds here have been rescued from traumatic injury, but didn’t recover enough to make it in the wild. Liberty, one of the bald eagles at the Sanctuary, was hit by a car and Patriot nearly drowned as a chick when a storm knocked her nest out of a tree. Other birds have even more colorful histories. A Bald Eagle named Dutch was first given to President Reagan by Germany and came here to join a breeding program.

world bird sanctuary eagles

Speaking of rescue, the World Bird Sanctuary is home to a special bird hospital. You might remember a story where they helped an owl hit by a fire truck in Wentzville.

Later on I’ll feature more cool things you can do at the World Bird Sanctuary. Until then, here’s their event calendar. Check it out, you might find something fun to do this weekend!

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