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100+ Perfect Custom Valentines for Your Kid (free printables)

garfield valentines

I remember being 9-years-old and sitting in my room agonizing over a pile of department store Valentine cards to hand out to my classmates. I’d rank the pile from those cards that exuded true love down to “I acknowledge your existence” and pick the best one for that boy I had a crush on. My friends got the next best cards and I save the least special for the rest of the class.

Whew. It was hard growing up before political correctness set in.

Valentines for Today’s Classroom

classroom valentines free printables

Classroom Valentine’s have changed a bit since I was a kid. Many teachers frown on putting a recipient name on the cards, insisting that it “speeds up the process” if everyone just gets a random card. It’s more likely they’ve avoiding tangling with FERPA laws–or just too busy to print out a list of kids names.

And if that’s not boring enough, big box store Valentine’s are limited to what’s hot right this second or something so generic it’s uncool. That’s why we started making our own Valentines! We make one perfect card–without any pink or smushiness to it–and print out enough for the whole class. My kid signs it and BOOM. Done.

(Psst: Your kid needs a box for all those Valentines!)

Here’s a whole bunch of FREE printable classroom Valentines your kids can choose for that perfectly friendly Valentine message to all their classmates.

Fortnight Valentines

fortnight Valentine

Cuddle Team Leader Card

Fortnight Unicorn Llama & Battle Bus Cards

Star Wars Valentines


Star Wars Valentines with Solo, Yoda and Storm Trooper

Yoda Valentine with cute TP roll Yoda to hold a note.

BB8, Join the Heart Side plus 4 more Star Wars Valentines.

Minecraft Valentines

MInecraft Valentine

8 Minecraft sayings Valentine cards.

6 Minecraft Valentines with mini chocolate bars.

9 more Minecraft cards.

LEGO Valentines

Lego Valentines

What should we build? Friendship!

LEGO movie Valentine Cards.

LEGO Valentine Cards. Add building block candy.

Build a Heart Valentine Kit. Add LEGOs from a Classic box of LEGOs.

Harry Potter Valentine Cards

harry potter valentine

9 Harry Potter pun Valentine Cards

Nine more Harry Potter punny Valentines.

Golden Snitch Valentine. Add a golden Ferrero Rocher candy to complete!

Monster Book of Monsters Valentine. Wrap around a mini composition journal.

Shopkins Valentines CardsShopkins Valentine

Shopkins sweets Valentine cards

4 more Shopkins Valentines

You Are Limited Edition Shopkins Card. Add Shopkin charm.

Mario Valentine Cards

mario valentines

7 Mario video game Valentines

4 more Super Mario Valentines

PokeMon Valentines

Pokemon valentines

6 Pokemon Valentine cards

I Choose YOU Pokemon pokeball cards

Despicable Me Minion Cards

Minion Valentine

6 Minion Valentines for everyone

6 more Despicable Me 2 Minion cards

Back to Basics Valentines


Food pun Valentine cards

8 super cute Llama Valentines

4 Unicorn Valentines

More Unicorns!

9 Mermaid Valentines

9 Avengers (plus Super Man and Batman) Super Hero Valentines

Word Search Valentine

Upcycled newsprint hearts Valentine Cards

Bookmark Valentine cards for readers

We Swim in the Same School fish card.

Some Assembly Required DIY Valentine Cards

Cards with artsy details and non-candy treats attached.

quilled heart Valentine

Quilled Paper Valentine Card

Squishy Hearts (with gel in a sealed bag) Valentine

Heart Bouquet Card with 3D flowers

Silhouette “you’re the write stuff” Valentine

Silhouette “U R A Winner” tic tac toe game Valentine

Home Made Valentine collage card

3D Flower hearts card

water color valentine

Watercolor Valentine with tiny art set

Glider Valentines! Attach a paper glider or little plane.

You make my heart grow! Valentine with seeds.

Crayon heart Valentine card. Attach a homemade heart shaped crayon.

donut valentine

Donut themed Valentines. Attach donut eraser or trinket.

Scratch-Off Valentine Cards. Use special scratch off stickers from Amazon.

You’re a Super Hero Cards. Attach super hero rings from Oriental Trader.

Be my Valen-Slime. Labels for small containers of slime.

You Make My Heart Float. Card with bubble wand.

Shark facts Valentines. Perfect if you add a shark tooth!

heart air balloons card

Love is in the Air. Hot air balloon 3D card.

Tiny folded heart envelope cards. Write a secret message inside!

Conversation heart folded Valentine.

Stamped on my Heart. Attach a stamper!

Valentine Science. Roll up and place in a test tube!

Love is a Battlefield. Attach little green Army Men!

You Make Life Jolly. Add Jolly Ranchers!

Bonus: Valentine Activity Pack to hand out to friends!

valentine cards for kids