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Game Night: Card Games for Kids

Whether it’s Go Fish or Uno, simple card games are a great way to spend play time with your kids.

And here’s the real bonus, mom: you can play with your kids without needed to sit on the floor and talk to inanimate objects! Card games can be super silly, serious or even educational–I wonder how many kids have learned math facts through card games?

Simple Card games for kids

Any deck of regular old cards will do–this is all about simplicity. Ok, ok…maybe you’ll want a box of Uno cards too. 

Your Kid’s first card game: Go Fish

Simple Card games for kids

This is the simplest card game for kids around, and the first one I remember playing with my grandmother. You could buy a custom kid deck, but don’t bother–you don’t need it!

Brush up on the rules for Go Fish here, from card maker Bicycle.


War is one of those silly games you learn as a little kid but find yourself playing with your college buddies. Refresh your memory here: War by Bicycle.


Simple Card games for kids

A super simple game for little kids! It feels a lot like War, but allows more players. Learn how to play here: SlapJack by Bicycle.


Uno is a classic family card game, but you’ll need a special deck. You can buy a standard deck of Uno cards for cheap, but the real fun is when you upgrade to one of Mattel’s crazy board games with card launchers and gadgets. The problem? Each game has it’s own variation on the rules, leading to family arguments over wild cards. 

Crazy Eights 

According to Google, an argument over Crazy Eights was the spark that led Merle Robbins to invent Uno. Learn how to play here: Crazy Eights by Bicycle.

Simple Card games for kidsSolitaire

As an only child, I’m pretty familiar with this game. It’s a great one for older kids to learn, and will give them something to do that doesn’t involve a screen. Learn the classic rules here: Solitaire by Bicycle.


You need a standard deck of cards and a few spoons to play this one. See the rules here: Spoons by 52Pickup.


memory game card free printable

You don’t need a special deck to play Memory, though it can be more fun with picture cards. Simply lay all the cards on the table in rows face down and take turns matching. Make the game easier by only using the face cards or two suits. Just make sure all the cards have a match! Want to make it more fun? Print custom game cards using free clip art!

Surprise me!

Perfect card games for family game night!

Ok, this isn’t a new game, but a search engine on the Bicycle Cards website. Enter the number of players, their age range and type of play and Bicycle will suggest a game to play. See it here: Suggest a Game by Bicycle.