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7 Reasons why Mom Needs to Workout

You know that airline safety talk where “in case of emergency, please put your mask on first”? For moms, getting in a workout is a lot like that. Some of us need a reminder that it’s so VERY important to take care of yourself FIRST…so you have what it takes to care for your tiny humans.

Or not so tiny humans in my case.

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Drop 2 Pants Sizes

I should let you know, this post is sponsored by Forward Fitness, located at 3111 Sutton Blvd., right in the heart of Maplewood.

If you’ve seen my stories recently, you may have noticed that I’m on bit of a fitness kick. In fact, I’ve taken up a fitness challenge dubbed “Drop 2 Pants Sizes” by Forward Fitness. They’ve invited myself and couple other blogger moms (Melissa @SippyCupMom and Jen @andHattieMakesThree) to join the challenge and spread the word about getting real coaching to help you attain your fitness goals. 

Forward Fitness is a small studio that specializes in personalized coaching, nutrition and weight lifting. I know, right? Weight lifting?? I’m perfecting my squat, learning how to dead lift a kettlebell and doing crazy stuff with a medicine ball. 

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The Drop 2 Pants Sizes challenge takes a mere 8 weeks! In that time I’m planning to go from couch potato to fit and strong…and hopefully a good bit skinnier. I’ve been following their nutrition and workout plan for a week and a half as I write this, and I’m already starting to feel stronger and yes, energized. It’s kinda amazing!

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The diet portion of the challenge is basically a low carb, no sugar, no sweetener type of diet. When you sign up with Forward Fitness you get to access to nutrition coaching with Suzanne Klaus, a registered dietitian who can help brain storm ways to kick the sugar habit and fit all those veggies  into your life.

Notice I’m not saying diet–in order for this to REALLY WORK it needs to be a lifestyle change that sticks! I’m not going to work this hard to lose two whole pants sizes and put it back by Christmas.

The exercise portion of the challenge was the part that scared me the most! I’ve committed to FOUR weekly workouts at their gym, alternating between semi-private coaching and fitness classes. The first week was the hardest, especially since I’ve been living the couch potato life. I’ve never been an athlete, so the thought of learning how to weight lift seem, well…ridiculous. 

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But here’s the cool part: the coaches at Forward Fitness are great people, not gym snobs. They seriously want to help you succeed and do it without injuring yourself. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked into my community gym with plans to get fit, and limped out with a torn muscle. Sure I was pretty worn out during the first few workouts, but I never got so sore or tired that I wanted to give up.

Moms Need to Workout

Now that I’ve told you what I’ve been up to, how about you join me? If you’re looking for a new gym that’s not going to take your money and ignore you, I can highly recommend giving Forward Fitness a try

Need some reasons to get in shape besides having killer selfies? Here’s 7:

Stress Reduction: Exercise is known to reduce stress! Even a brisk five minute walk can stimulate your brain and relieve stress.

Better Sleep: Exercise during the day, sleep better at night. Experts say that early morning and afternoons are the best time to work out and reset your sleep wake cycle.

Save your back: Kids are hard on your back! Get strong so the next time your preschooler wants a pony ride you can say YES! Here’s a few exercises from WebMD you can try right now.

Increase energy levels: Harvard docs agree, exercise can boost your energy by helping you sleep better and releasing all sorts of feel good hormones. 

Lift your mood: All those feel good hormones that give you energy? Yep, they make you happy too.

Get rid of that baby weight: Moms have enough on their emotional plate to deal with feeling unattractive too. Get some exercise in and get down to your pre-preggy weight! You’ll feel like Super Mom!

Good role model: Kids learn through observation. Don’t teach them how to be a couch potato by watching YOU.

Note: I finished the challenge in November…wanna hear about the results?? Click here!

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