Paper folding craft: DIY Blue Morphos Butterfly

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3 blue butterflies made from folded paper with words: easy paper blue morpho butterfly

Brighten your day with these beautiful paper Blue Morpho Butterflies! They’re super easy to make and I know you have everything needed in your craft stash.

The Butterfly House is celebrating the blue morpho with Morpho Mardi Gras all through February and March 2019. They’ll have thousands of butterflies in the conservatory to amaze your kiddos–and most will be the awesome and HUGE blue morpho. 

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easy paper blue morpho butterfly

Wish you could take a blue morpho home with you? Well, I don’t think they make great pets–after all, the eat rotten bananas and are too delicate to pet! So make these paper butterflies instead!

Make a Paper Butterfly

Blue Morpho at the Butterfly House

You can make this butterfly with just about anything: plain white paper, colorful construction paper or tissue paper. I’ll give you directions to make your butterfly look like a blue morpho, but you can use any color you like–there’s a lot of butterflies in the world!This craft was inspired by a similar paper butterfly done by Red Ted Art. She made a fabulous YouTube video you can watch to better understand the folding technique. 


  • Paper (plain, construction or tissue)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Fuzzy sticks
  • Glitter glue (optional)
    easy paper blue morpho butterfly

Cut the Paper

You’ll need to start with a square of paper.  An easy way to get a perfect square is to just fold over one corner (see image below) and cut off the extra.

Cut the paper

Now take the square and fold it in half, then cut into two rectangles.

Start folding!

Take one strip and accordion fold it along the short end. I made each fold about a half inch wide.

Now fold the second strip in half lengthwise (see the image) and open back up. Fold the corners to the center fold (like you’re making a paper airplane. Cut off the corners.

cut and fold paper

Next fold it like an accordion along the long edge–use the same size folds as the other strip.


Open your strips of paper and flatten them out. If you’re using white paper, use crayons to make the butterfly blue and add a black stripe along the edges as shown. Tissue paper and construction paper butterflies just need the black stripe.

paper blue morpho butterfly craft

Bonus: add red dots along the stripe with glitter glue! If you use glue, you’ll need to give the paper time to dry before moving on the next step.

Fold it again!

paper blue morpho butterfly craft

Fold the butterfly back up along the creases you made. Fold each strip in half.

Tie it Up

Cut your fuzzie stick in half. 

Place the two folded parts of the butterfly together as shown. Wrap the fuzzie stick around the middle and twist the ends together. The extra fuzzie stick will represent the butterfly body.

Take the second half of the fuzzie stick and slip it under the loop of the first half. Bend in half and twist a couple times to secure. Curl the ends into a loop–this is the butterflies antenna. 

blue morpho paper butterfly

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