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Lawn Ghosts: A Spooky Bean Bag Games

Mitch loves making up games with cardboard and markers and whatever he can get his hands on…he’s a cardboard artist! Today we’re going to share Lawn Ghosts, a Halloween twist on a classic lawn “dart” game.

Play Halloween bean bag toss games

You’ll need to go get some white balloons, but everything else you probably have in your craft closet or pantry.

ghost bean bag stress balls

Note: You can use rice, beans or flour to fill your balloon. Each will give the finished bean bag/stress ball a slightly different texture and squishability. Flour is messier to work with, but smoother. Consider which mess you want to clean up if the bean bag accidentally explodes. 

The bag SHOULDN’T explode if you use all three layers…but you know kids…

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How to make a Balloon Ghost Bean Bag Ball

I know you’re pressed for time, so if you don’t have any of these items, I’ve included my Amazon shopping links. If you happen to click these and make a purchase, I’ll get a tiny commission. Thanks for supporting your local blogger!

You’ll need:

First, turn the empty water or soda bottle into a funnel by cutting off half (or more) of the bottle. You’ll use this as a funnel–you could use a funnel you already have, but the wide mouth of a bottle works a lot quicker.

Next, and this is IMPORTANT, inflate all three balloons. Don’t tie them, just get some air in there to stretch them out. You’ll get very small balls if you don’t pre-inflate the balloons.

Now cut off the neck of the balloons.

ghost bean bag stress balls

Stick the balloon on the bottle and pour in your filler. 

ghost bean bag stress balls

You can wiggle and stretch the balloon to get as much filler in there as possible.

ghost bean bag stress balls

Now CAREFULLY stretch a second balloon over the first. Make sure the hole in the first balloon becomes the bottom of the next balloon. 

Next, cut the back of your shopping bag into a square. Use the white part of the bag–it doesn’t have to be neat. Lay the plastic over the balloon balls and then add the third balloon.

Stretch the plastic so you have a nice “skirt” coming out of the bottom of the ghost. Trim if you like. 

ghost bean bag stress balls

Now add a face to your ghosty with a permanent marker. 

Now you can make MORE ghosts and use them to play a game of bean bag toss, tic tac toe or use them to knock over a tower of plastic cups.

Play Halloween bean bag toss games

Can you guess what we made the targets out of? Yep. Target bags and pie plates! One of the bags I grabbed to make more ghosts was a Target bag, so we used both sides: the front made a target and the back was used for a ghost skirt. 

A Bean Bag for Spooky Games

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