Pillow Forts 101

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Pillow Forts are awesome fun, simple to build and a great way to spend a day when you can’t go outside to play. My boys made this pillow fort in the basement rec room and now Mitch has a secret hideaway!

Pillow Fort 101 from stlMotherhood #PopSecretForts

When I told my teenager that we were making a pillow fort to show off on the blog, he told me to stand back and see how a pro does it! He gathered up all the pillows in the house and a blanket and set to work. I popped some microwave popcorn and sat back to watch the fun.

He insisted on making it big enough that he could crawl in there too and he and Mitch¬†watched a couple videos together on his iPad when they were done building “Camp Basement.” I just love it when I can get Ryan to play with his little brother! The pillow fort project was awesome: Ryan got to show off his big brother building skills…and Mitch got to play in it.

Pillow Fort 101

Gather supplies for your kid’s fort! You’ll want lots of pillows plus blankets or sheets. If you don’t mind not sitting on your couch for a while, couch cushions are EXCELLENT building materials.

Where to build your Pillow Fort

Build your pillow fort where you can keep it up for a couple days and keep the fun going! We built ours in the basement rec room, using the back of a couch for support. You can also use a card table or dining room table if it won’t cause too much disruption.

Pad the Pillow Fort Floor for extra Cozy

Use a fluffy blanket for the floor to make it cozy. Extra pillows are great here too!

Think like an Engineer

Pillow fort building is a great time for your kid to put those STEM skills to work! They can test what works best for the roof: a thin sheet, a heavy blanket, a big cushion? Or just use a table? What if they use a dust mop handle for a tent pole? Stand back and let them try out all kinds of ideas!

Safety pins, clothes pins and even binder clips can help hold things together. Try using the pins/clips to wrap material around chair legs!


pillow fort

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