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Stanley and Gloria Halloween Costume

words: Stanley meet Gloria

After our beloved St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup I kept thinking, geez…this Halloween we’re gonna see some hockey costumes!

Specifically: Stanley and Gloria!

I searched the internet and didn’t come up with any really good tutorials. (I think I’ll work on one later!) I DID get a few good ideas, and there’s lots of Halloween costume photos to get tips from.

Let’s dissect a few:

I think it’s appropriate to start with this Bruin’s fan costume! She describes her work here. It’s pretty much all scratch built, with lots of wire and vinyl fabric.

This Pittsburg fan used an easier hack. I’ve seen it on a few costumes, so it must work well! She got a pop up laundry hamper and spray painted it silver. The rest of the costume is a silver shirt and a spray painted plastic punch bowl.

There’s a lot of couples where the girl just wears a silver dress and dons a punch bowl hat…

Be Gloria

First…a musical interlude…

Laura Branigan’s Gloria came out in 1982, so I think a good idea for Gloria would be an 80’s girl! You could channel some early Madonna or Eleven from season 3 of Stranger Things.

You’ll need some bright colors, suspenders, maybe some leg warmers and of course…hair scrunchies.

Make a Stanley Cup Prop

Again, I feel really warm and fuzzy taking a cup from a Bruin. ? This creative gal made a nearly life size Stanley Cup from a stack of buckets wrapped in foil! Dress your kid in some Blues gear and let them hoist this cup while yelling “We got the Cup! We got the Cup!”

Hmmmm…let’s get a look at the real thing and see how it compares.

Of course if you’re not feeling THAT crafty, you can buy an inflatable Stanley Cup from Amazon…

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