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How Turn a Frisbee into a Clothes Pin Wreath–Fast!

It’s more Pintastic goodness for your kids! Here’s a simple way to turn an old ring style Frisbee into a trendy Clothes Pin Wreath!

Or rather, how to turn cheesy convention SWAG into something you want to hang on your door…


Last winter we went to the big Boat Show at the St. Louis convention center, and like all conventions there were assorted freebies being handed out. Like this seemingly harmless frisbee from the Army Corps of Engineers promoting life jacket safety. Yep, nothing like tossing around a frisbee that warns of your imminent doom.

I’ve been noticing that clothes pin wreaths are pretty big on Pinterest, but I just haven’t had time to chase down the wire wreath form that all the good ones are based on. I refuse to make a wobbly wreath from a coat hanger wire and I just know a paper plate wouldn’t hold up to all those clips. (Seriously, this thing is heavy.)

Then I remember the death-by-drowning-frisbee which has been camped out in the computer room all this time. (Yeah, we don’t play with that. Gross!)

You can make one too if you have an old ring style frisbee that hasn’t been lost in a tree yet.

First I covered the frisbee in felt. Since I was in a recycling mood, I used scraps of felt leftover from Mitch’s Minecraft Creeper costume. I cut the felt squares into trapezoids and hot glued them to the back of the frisbee. I wrapped them around to the front side, which is now the back side. It’s a little messy back there, but no one is going to see it.

wreath how to001

Then we colored a whole bunch of clothes pins. Since Mitch hates waiting for paint to dry, we tried out crayons, Crayola Slick Stix and markers. We also glued bits of scrapbook paper to some of them.


We used the different techniques to see what would work best. I can safely say that markers, Slick Stix (which are very gooey) and scrapbook paper are the best. Regular crayons don’t cover very well! You could use paint if you have the time.





After your clips are colored just stick them on the frisbee and find a few embellishments. Since this wreath is in fall colors, I tried out a paper leaf that Mitch made as well as a paper pumpkin.

I also used some silk flowers, which I hot glued to a clothes pin. The silk leaves were just clipped to the wreath.


What I really love about this wreath is how easy it will be to redecorate for each season. In December I plan to add more red and green–I’ll just flip over the orange and purple pins and color the backside. Then we can clip in some snowflakes, holly or maybe something that Mitch draws. I’ll keep ya posted.


Here’s how the wreath turned out later, with winter and spring revisions!clothespin wreath in fall, winter and spring