MothersDay 1

Handmade Mother’s Day Gift for you or your mom (just not your hands)

Hand stamped jewelry is all the rage–so how about a little copper bling for Mother’s Day? My favorite St. Louis metalsmithing mom just announced that she’s gone FULL TIME in the studio! So if you would like to order something shiny, bright and oh-so-wonderful for Mother’s Day, nows your chance! Donna Fox at Crow Steals Fire is taking Mother’s Day orders until…

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18 Places to Visit with Kids in St. Louis

St. Louis is a great place for kids on summer vacation! If you’re local or just coming in for the weekend, there’s so much fun here you might want to make a “summer bucket list” of everything you want to do! Summer is short! Oh yeah, you heard me right. Summer vacation may LOOK like a long stretch of endless days…

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mother of all meltdown

A Book For Not So Perfect Moms and a Mother’s Day Giveaway

It’s a virtual book tour! Today I’m talking with a local author from The Mother of all Meltdown’s anthology: Angela Keck. We’ll talk a little about the book, a wonderful web community the Meltdown moms have created and a super fantastic giveaway for you to enter just in time for Mother’s Day! First, a little about the book. The Mother of…

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transportation museum

Gateway to Fun: Transportation Museum in St. Louis County

What will you find at the Transportation Museum? Trains, planes and automobiles…that your kid can PLAY with! The museum is dominated by it’s outdoor train collection, but there’s also cars, two planes and a tug boat you can hop aboard. Seriously. The Transportation Museum is one my boys FAVORITE places to go. We’ve been members for years–if you have a…

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indie mats

Made in St. Louis: Indie Mats (an easier way to frame)

Traditional framing is a pain, and pretty expensive unless you do it yourself with discount store frames. And let’s not even get into the whole hammer and nail thing. Ug! Indie Mats are here to make hanging photos a breeze. Indie Mats are a super simple idea–ditch the heavy frame and surround your photos with fun designer mats. Then stick…

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Gateway to Fun: Grant’s Farm

This year marks the 60th year Grant’s Farm has been open to the public! They’ve added some new attractions: paddle boats and parakeet feeding! New to St. Louis? Haven’t been to the farm lately? Here’s Grant’s Farm in a nutshell: the Farm is the estate of the Busch family (you know, the beer people) and they moved out here back in horse…

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magic house st. louis

Get into the Magic House for Free

The Magic House is the premier place to play in St. Louis for little kids. It’s fun and sneaks in just the right amount of education when the kids aren’t looking. I’m not sure when the Magic House got so expensive–but you can avoid that $9.50 a head ticket price if you wait for a Free Family Night. Sponsored by…

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gift present

Mother’s Day Gifts for You (no, it’s not too early)

Questions moms ask: how can I get a Mother’s Day gift out of my child without guilt?? Mother’s Day is still a long way off, but you can start planning for an awesome gift RIGHT NOW. Yep Yucandu Art Studio in Webster wants to help your kid make an awesome piece of art for your special day. Kids from kindergarten to…

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green bean delivery, fruit, veggies

Green BEAN Delivery: Fruit and Veggies on your Doorstep (And a Coupon)

What if I said you could cut your grocery shopping time in half? Got your attention? Let me tell you how to get fresh fruit and veggies right to your door.  I received a free small produce bin from Green Bean Delivery for this review, however all opinions are my own.   Green BEAN Delivery is an online service that…

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14 Spring Break Ideas for Kids in St. Louis

Spring weather is always a little dicey in St. Louis—it could be nice enough for a family picnic in Forest Park or you could end up on a sled ride down Art Hill! The smart mom will plan for indoor activities, but will be ready to toss those aside for a spontaneous hike through the woods or romp in the…

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Springtime Village at Purina Farms

Spring has many heralds in St. Louis: the Cardinals are playing in Jupiter, the Missouri Botanical Garden is sprouting crocus (croci?) and Purina Farms is hosting the Spring Time Village. On March 12, 2014  Purina Farms in Gray Summit–just a big bunny hop from Eureka–will open for business once again! Springtime Village, the Farm’s annual nod to Easter, will be held from April…

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butterfly house Morpho

If It’s March, It’s Morpho Mania

Hurrah! It’s my favorite month of the year, March! Why is March so great? March means spring is just around the corner, it’s my birthday month and the Butterfly House is once again having March Morpho Mania. What, you haven’t heard of Morpho Mania? Why, it’s only the best time ever to check out the Butterfly House in Chesterfield! This…

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