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21 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Looking for something to make with the kids that you can hang on the tree? Here’s a sled load of Christmas ornaments you can make with the kids, from floating photos in a glass ball, to llamas and Minecraft cubes to good ol’ salt dough! There’s something for everyone–and each ornament is easy enough for a kid to create (with a little help). Bonus: You’ll be proud to hang these all on your tree!

Have your kids written a Santa Letter yet? Here’s some ways to make sure they hear back from the Jolly Old Elf!

Upcycled Llama Ornament •

Don’t be a drama llama with this ornament you can make from a cereal box.

Upcycled Llama Ornament made from cardboard

• Minecraft Block Ornaments • 

Minecraft Christmas Ornaments: cubes decorated with glitter to look like grass blocks and creeper head

Merry Minecraft! Blocky ornaments your gamer will love.

Unicorn Ornament •

Unicorns are all the rage (again) so why not stick a couple on the tree?

Unicorn Ornament--ball with closed eyes painted on, with ears made from foam and unicorn horn

3D Shrinky Dink Ornaments •

Break out the Shrinky Dinks and bake up some wonder!

3D Shrinky Dink Christmas Ornament

Bringing home the Christmas tree (Hot Wheel)

bringing home the Christmas tree ornament with a Hot Wheel

You can use a Hot Wheel from under the couch, or go get one special for this tree.

Cub Scout Rustic Salt Dough Ornaments •

These Cub Scout rank badge ornaments are great for any den to do as a group, or just on your own. 

DIY Rustic Salt Dough Cub Scout Ornaments

Angry Bird Ornaments

angry bird Christmas glitter ornament

We still love our Angry Birds, don’t you?

Santa’s Sleigh on a Map Ornament •

You’ll definitely want to make this easy decoupage ornament–it’s so cute! 

Christmas  ornament with map paper and Santa sleigh

Melted Bead Ornaments •

Melted pony beads for hanging on your tree or window.

colorful melted bead ornaments hanging in window

Painted Snowman and Snowflake Ornaments •

Fun to make, cute to look at!

snow paint christmas ornament

Floating Photo Glass Ornaments •

Make a magical floating ornaments with a family photo.

plastic ornament with family photo floating inside

No Bake Salt Dough Ornaments

Super easy home made dough that smells like Christmas Cookies and air dries!

no cook cinnamon ornament clay recipe for Christmas

Christmas Light Ornament Craft •

This ornament is as adorable as it is easy to craft–perfect for kids!

Christmas Light Ornament Craft

Neon Swirl Glitter Ornaments •

Neon Swirl Glitter Ornaments

Don’t limit yourself to green and red for your Christmas tree!

Dried Orange and Cinnamon Ornaments

Dried Orange Ornaments

Festive AND great smelling? YES!

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees •

Easy to make for little fingers, but so cute you’ll keep it forever!

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments •

Pom Poms and Pinecones Christmas Ornaments

So adorable, so colorful…so easy kids of ANY age will love to make these!


DIY Simple Snowman Christmas Ornament •

DIY Simple Snowman Christmas Ornament

Really easy snowman ornament, if you’re not scared of the fake snow getting everywhere… 

• Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments •

You’ll have your tree decorated in a jiffy with these little jingle bells.

Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments

Acorn Marble Christmas Ornaments •

Make these adorable little acorns to bling out your tree!

Acorn Marble Christmas Ornaments
21 Christmas ornaments for kids to make

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