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Big Awesome Treasure Box of Paper Crafts

Don’t you just love to craft with paper? Some of the best EASY crafts just take paper and glue…and maybe some paint. Or crayons….

Paper is something you can always have on hand to cure those “I’m bored!” moments. A well stocked craft stash for kids should have crayons, plain white paper, color construction paper, glue, tape and scissors.

Easy 3D hot air balloon paper craft for kids of all ages.

Big List of Paper Crafts

Here’s a collection of our favorite year round crafts we’ve made that use PAPER. Enjoy!

100 Perfect Valentines for kids: Huge list of classroom Valentines you can download & print out or craft from scratch. Lots of ideas for boys who don’t want to be super mushy! (Cause you know, I’m a boy mom.)

classroom valentines free printables

3D Hot Air Balloon: Make a paper balloon and sail away! Inspired by the Great Forest Park Balloon Race held every year in Forest Park.

Easy 3D hot air balloon paper craft for kids of all ages.

3D Paper Pumpkin: for Fall or Halloween, an adorable pumpkin that’s simple to make. One of Mitch’s first crafts for the blog, he made this when he was in kindergarten! Awwww!

3D Paper pumpkins

Blue Morpho Butterfly: Take your paper butterflies up a notch with this beauty. Inspired by the Morpho Mardi Gras held every spring at the Butterfly House.

paper blue morpho butterfly craft

Bucket List: How to make a bucket list and track your summer fun. Lots of ideas and a free printable.

small blue bucket full of color paper with kid activities printed on them

Coffee Filter Parachute: Ok, it’s a coffee filter. But that’s kinda like paper, right?

parachute man made of coffee filter and fuzzy sticks, held by child's hand against a blue sky

More coffee filter crafts: This is a collection of even more crafts that use coffee filters.

coffee filters and markers

Fall Leaves from Magazine Paper: super easy way to upcycle your junk mail. You’d be surprised how great these look hanging from the mantle.

paper leaf

Firefly Catcher (no bugs required): make a pretend firefly catcher and let the bugs stay outside. Great for those times when you WANT to catch a firefly but don’t want to chase them all over the neighborhood.

firefly catcher craft

Harry Potter Spell Book: An awesome Halloween decorations or for anytime you need a spooky book cover. It’s a book cover–put it over a blank journal or whatever novel you’re reading.

Harry Potter Fan's: Make an Easy Magical Journal for Halloween...or just because

Halloween Coloring Pages: Cute witches and silly pumpkins waiting for your kid to color.

cute witch coloring page

Leprechaun House: don’t try to catch a leprechaun, play with him! My alternative to the leprechaun trap.

paper house for a leprechaun

Letter from Santa: Craft a letter from Santa for your kid and watch their eyes get as big as saucers.

santa letter stamp no date

Memory Game Cards: free printable game–super easy to make!

memory card game

Minecraft Toys: get off the screen for a while and craft instead. Instructions for how to get a paper copy of your Minecraft skin. (That’s me, by the way.)

minecraft player made from paper standing next to diamond sword and a chest

Ocean full of Fish: A giant collection of FISH paper crafts!

colorful paper fish

Paper Fortune Tellers: Call ’em cootie catchers or Fortune Tellers, these are a blast from the past that will entertain your kids for hours. Lots of ideas to download, or get a blank one and make it yourself.

Paper Fortune Tellers

Paper Dolls: free paper doll to play with for rainy day fun.

Paper dolls you can make

Quill Pencil: Take it old school with a pencil the Founding Fathers would have liked to use.

blue quill pencil made with a paper feather on an open journal

Scavenger Hunts: 10 scavenger hunts on free printables from nature hunts to road trip games.

St. Louis Staycation PassPort: This play Passport for St. Louis Kids will help you plan a school break vacation or just keep the memories in a fun way.

St. Louis Staycation passport to fun

Tired of Paper? Use this.: Reusable notebook that really works. Write, snap a photo, wipe off. Repeat!

rocket book reusuable note book with a pen and iphone

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart: Not just for Valentine’s Day, this is a great craft for little kids!

valentine tissue paper stainglass

Turn Drawings into Magnets: Take that doodle and keep it on the fridge.

supplies to make refrigerator magnets from kid drawings

Valentine Card Box: Make a box for keeping all your Valentines.

valentine box 3 samples

Wonder Turners: Cool optical illusion toy that’s hard to explain. Just go make one!

Thaumatrope and wonder turners you kid can make. STEM craft.